Boiled Egg & Soliders

by Sam Bilton on April 1, 2014 No comments

P1010185Sometimes the best things in life are really simple. The other day I my butcher had some goose eggs in his shop. As I’d just received some asparagus in my veg box I thought they would make great partners. As you would expect goose eggs are much bigger than your regular hen’s egg but the yolk is richer too. Boil them for around 8 minutes to ensure the white is set and the yolk is still runny. The asparagus will need to steam for slightly less time than this as you want them to retain some bite so that you can easily dip them into the yolk. Other than than you need nothing else other than some salt and pepper (although I have to confess to adding a few drops of truffle oil to the yolk which was really lovely – but only because I happened to have a bottle in the cupboard) and perhaps a slice or two of buttered brown bread.


Sam BiltonBoiled Egg & Soliders

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