In Season: Beetroot

by Sam Bilton on September 11, 2014 2 comments


We Brits love pickled beetroot but more recently our eyes have been opened to it’s versatility. Beetroot can be roasted, juiced, made into soups and gratins and even incorporated into delicious cakes. It’s natural sweetness means it is a foil for a myriad of flavours. It makes an excellent partner to rich meats like duck or oily fish such as salmon.

Rich in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals this root lays claim to many health benefits ranging from the ability to reduce cholesterol to increasing stamina when exercising. The Romans even used it as an aphrodisiac.

If there is one criticism that can be levied at beetroot it is that it can be rather messy and time consuming to prepare. It ‘bleeds’ readily leaving your hands stained magenta and can take an age before it becomes tender. Fortunately, you can buy ready cooked beetroot in most supermarkets which saves considerable time and hassle.

If you love this root then try some of these recipes from this blog:

Check out the recipe for Xanthe Clay’s Beetroot Cured Salmon in the September issue of Sussex Style Magazine.

Sam BiltonIn Season: Beetroot


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  • Kelly Eastman - September 12, 2014 reply

    Five years in Australia has shown me how versatile the Beetroot can be. My favourites are beetroot dip, raw beetroot brownies and beetroot coleslaw in a burger.

    admin - October 2, 2014 reply

    I love beetroot with chocolate but I don’t believe I’ve ever tried raw beetroot brownies. I must get the recipe from you!

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