Cook & Recipe Developer

You might call me something of a culinary cuckoo. I adore nothing more than delving into an old recipe book and excavating a forgotten recipe to cook in my kitchen with a 21st century twist. This has become the basis of my historically themed supper club Repast which I run from my home in Sussex. I also create bespoke menus for clients whether they are celebrating a significant birthday or an organisation wanting to commemorate a momentous event. You can read some of their feedback here.

Like Great Aunt Eliza I champion honest, comforting food made with the best ingredients available. I source the ingredients I use as locally as possible and grow my own fruit, herbs and vegetables. My tastes are more widely travelled than my ancestors so extend beyond the shores of the United Kingdom. I love spices which is no bad thing given how extensively they were used during certain periods of history.

You can learn more about my supper club and private events here.

Sam BiltonCook & Recipe Developer