Food Writer

When I’m not in the kitchen you will find me writing about our culinary heritage or with my nose in a vintage cookbook. I began my blog Comfortably Hungry in 2011 shortly before I became a Food & Drink Editor for a local lifestyle magazine. Initially the content was about food and eating in general. However, I found myself increasingly drawn to the historical aspects of our food culture. Over time this has become the focus of the posts and the journalistic work I do for organisations like English Heritage and other local and national media. This includes writing articles on anything from the origin of the mince pie to the reworking an 18th century recipe for a Bride Cake. I’m currently writing my first book to help reacquaint the world with delicious but forgotten dishes.

Guild of Food Writers

I am a member of the Guild of Food Writers Committee and help coordinate their annual cookbook awards.

Sam BiltonFood Writer