Television & Radio

My knowledge of our culinary heritage has led to appearances on BBC’s Rip Off Britain: Food and even Japanese television. I’m a frequent guest on Joe Talbot’s Cook on the Books slot on BBC Radio Surrey & Sussex where I introduce him to some unusual (but delicious) tastes from the olden days.

In 2017 my husband Neil and I were invited to participate on Channel 4’s My Kitchen Rules. We had the pleasure of cooking for Rachel Allen, Michelin starred chef Glyn Purnell and the late Antonio Carluccio. As a couples cooking competition we were at a slight disadvantage as Neil doesn’t cook (and no I’m not being modest here, he really can’t cook. Ask our children). Nevertheless, we cooked our way through five rounds producing mostly historical dishes to get to the final which was judged by renowned restaurant critic Jay Rayner. Sadly we didn’t win but it was certainly an experience.

If you need someone to talk on camera about food or eating in particular era or do some behind the scenes research for your historical broadcast you can contact me here.

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