The three C’s of cooking

by Sam Bilton on October 19, 2012 6 comments

I recently finished tackling the Epicurious ‘challenge’ of 10 most difficult things to cook which I’ve been following along with fellow bloggers the SaucyCooks. And it’s made me think about the sort of cook I am.

When I first read Tanya Steel’s article I remember being puzzled at why some of these dishes would be classed as tricky. Coq au vin, really? But as she points out many of these recipes are labour intensive and some require a degree of patience (something which I for one am not renowned for). But then I realised the reason I was happy to cook these dishes was because I was confident I wouldn’t have any major disasters.

Confidence is a strange thing. I have been skiing on several occasions in my life but I am most definitely not a confident skier. Despite numerous lessons I am plagued with doubt when I attach those precarious planks to my boots. Will I break a leg or (worse) someone else’s leg when I wipeout? Frankly, I have no desire to hurtle down a black run full of moguls and can’t see why this experience would appeal to anyone in their right mind. So while I enjoy cooking and I am happy to spend hours in the kitchen I totally understand that it is not everyone’s bag.

This whole process has prompted me to design a short quiz to find out what sort of cook you are. It’s loosely based on the findings the research I did for my MA in Culinary Arts but it’s supposed to be fun. In my research I discovered there are three broad types of cooks – confident, competent and cautious (hence the three c’s in the title). These categories aren’t set in stone. The type of cook you are can easily alter depending on what you are cooking or who you are cooking for. Hopefully, you’ll find it interesting and above all amusing. I’d be delighted to hear how you got on! Either leave a comment below or on the Comfortably Hungry Facebook page (don’t forget to click ‘like’ if you are stopping by!).

Click here to find out What sort of cook are you?

Should be interested a summary of my research it can be found in The Food Junctions Cookbook.

If you want a reminder of what I cooked take a look at the links below.


Sam BiltonThe three C’s of cooking


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  • Lana - October 24, 2012 reply

    I am 50%-50% Competent and Confident which is fine by me:) I am not intimidated by food preparation, unless it involves very expensive products:)
    This was very interesting! Thanks, Sam!
    BTW, it’s nice meeting new people (I found you on LinkdIn).

    admin - October 24, 2012 reply

    Nice to meet you too!

  • - October 23, 2012 reply

    Interesting list, Sam. I guess I’ve made a version of about half the things on the list at some point in my life. Coq au vin seems like such a simple dish, I’m surprised it’s on the list, but it’s funny because I was just thinking yesterday, about trying a sous-vide version. I’ll let you know how it comes out. And from that you can probably guess where I came out on your quiz!

    admin - October 24, 2012 reply

    That sounds interesting Anne. I’ve never tried sous vide cooking so I look forward to hearing how it turns out. Do you have a special sous vide machine?

  • Cathy - October 23, 2012 reply

    Great quiz! It looks like I’m confidently competent based on the answers to the questions. Bless your heart for tackling the dreaded Top Ten

    admin - October 24, 2012 reply

    Glad you liked it Cathy. Most people who have commented have been competent cooks including one of my friends who thought she was a cautious cook. It just goes to show that there are people in this world who lack faith in their own abilities (a bit like me and skiing!).

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