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Welcome to A is for Apple!

I've been keeping busy with a new project recently. A is for Apple is a food and drink encyclopaedia exploring letter by letter one season at a time. The podcast is written and hosted by myself and fellow food historians and writers Neil Buttery and Allie Pino.

This season we will be starting (unsurprisingly!) with the letter A. The plan is for each episode to have a particular theme but for the pilot episode we gave ourselves free rein to discuss any food, drink or related subject beginning with the letter A.

You can listen to our preliminary foray into this letter on Captivate where we will be chatting about absinthe, adulteration and apples (of course!). There will be more to follow such as recipes and extra audio so please subscribe to our Substack to ensure you don't miss the extra bits.

At the end of the season we will have a special episode devoted to listeners questions. So if there is a particular edible or drinkable ‘A’ you would like us to investigate let us know by emailing us at

You can follow the A is for Apple Podcast on Instagram and X (Twitter).

Dr Allie Pino hosts the Fear Feasts Podcast with Vanessa Baca and is the co-author of A Gothic Cookbook. You can find her on Instagram and X.

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